Community Benefits

•   Taxpayer Transparency

•   Accountability

•   Maximized Response Times

•   Increased Peace of Mind

•   Positive Public Relations





 provides data that brings all responding agencies together
in one convenient location.

How does it help?

Here are just a few examples of the ways that 911 Emerge N See can help ...


Budget Justification: Tight budgets, dwindling recruiting numbers, and a more technologically engaged public are some of the challenges for many in police, fire, and emergency medical services. 911 Emerge N See allows law enforcement, fire, and EMS leaders to put their organization’s best foot forward.


Transparency: A call for more transparency in law enforcement can quickly and professionally be shown to any concerned citizen or community organization 24 hours a day.


Reduce Call Load: Phone calls to your busy 911 centers during emergent situations can be reduced by turning your citizens, news agencies, and fellow first responders, all clamoring for information, to the 911 Emerge N See website for timely information.


Recruitment: Tech savvy young people, interested in becoming police officers, firefighters, and paramedics, can watch emergency calls in near real time. The excitement of seeing their first responders helping their fellow citizens gives local agencies an opportunity to drive up recruiting numbers.


Road Closures: Police can quickly update road maps in near real time to show hazards as they occur, and more importantly, when they are cleared to be safely traveled again.


Evacuation Routes: Clear evacuation routes for visitors passing through your community to find shelter from forecasted natural disasters will give Emergency Management officials a little more time to focus on their own vulnerable populations in the communities they administer.


Agency Interoperability: Multiple agencies within the same county can easily cooperate on emergencies while surrounding counties can monitor needs for faster response times.


Taxpayer Transparency: Using cutting-edge technology, your citizens will be able to view all emergency incidents in near-real time or archived time. Active incidents totals can be displayed as a constant reminder of all the hard work that is invested into their safety.

To make an appointment contact:

Dominic Aquila Project Manager of 911 Emerge-N-See

Phone: 470.319.3118 .

Fax: 912.638.1883 .


A native of Miami, Florida, Dominic retired from a career in firefighting after 31 years. A Fire Captain and Paramedic for the Gwinnett County (Georgia) Fire Department, he continues in the field serving his community as a volunteer firefighter for the city of Jefferson, GA. Dominic brings his extensive experience in emergency management to help communities upgrade their 911 websites with our cutting-edge technology. He and his wife Natalie have been married for 25+ years and have three boys who are successful in their chosen vocations.