Data Feeds

911EmergeNSee uses cutting-edge
technology that can display real-time data.





 provides data that brings all responding agencies together
in one convenient location.

How does it work?

911EmergeNSee tailors the call list and pinpoint map data that YOU want to make public by getting direct feed call information from your 911 system. 911EmergeNSee only uses YOUR 911 database and privacy settings that the authority having jurisdiction feels comfortable releasing. Utilizing the highest security programming, filters are available to adjust the call description information, addresses, and number of units allowed to be visualized in the public arena. Refresh times are fully adjustable to delay release of call information to the comfort level of the first responders in your area.

We need some data to correctly quote, design and program
your community’s 911EmergeNSee site:

How will data be provided?

Other Formats

How often is the information updated?

Time based (Every xx minutes)

Who hosts your database?

3rd party

To make an appointment contact:

Dominic Aquila Project Manager of 911 Emerge-N-See

Phone: 470.319.3118 .

Fax: 912.638.1883 .


A native of Miami, Florida, Dominic retired from a career in firefighting after 31 years. A Fire Captain and Paramedic for the Gwinnett County (Georgia) Fire Department, he continues in the field serving his community as a volunteer firefighter for the city of Jefferson, GA. Dominic brings his extensive experience in emergency management to help communities upgrade their 911 websites with our cutting-edge technology. He and his wife Natalie have been married for 25+ years and have three boys who are successful in their chosen vocations.